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Seeing, Yet Never Experiencing True Beauty

You know the type. Men can’t resist her. Whenever she enters a room, all attention turns her way. She is the most beautiful woman in the room – and she knows it!

But look a little closer: there are flaws there. Tiny lines around her eyes; a few extra pounds around her waist and a small crook to her nose. What you first thought was perfection suddenly shows normalcy. She’s just like you and I – or is she?

This woman exudes beauty despite her normal characteristics. So what’s her secret? She has attained “authentic” beauty. Beyond what her face and body looks like, she has discovered the true secret of beauty.

One of the biggest differences and most important factors about authentic beauty is “the experience”. This woman isn’t satisfied to juts look beautiful — she experiences it. For a beauty observer, it is almost like the difference between watching a regular movie or one that comes in 3D format. A 3D movie is more dynamic. It is more of an experience. For example, in the physical level, when we are able to see the beauty in ourselves or others….it is just a beautiful sight. When you add in the experiences of real life, you go beyond seeing your beauty to experiencing it. This gives you an attraction that foes beyond the surface. When you live your beauty, you can also share that experience with those in your presence. How can you attain this level of beauty?

Here are three quick steps to get started today:

  • Live it! Don’t just be beautiful, live beautifully. By doing so, you do not have any other choice but become beautiful.
  • Polish It! Strive to improve yourself at every level; only then can you achieve a higher level of beauty.
  • Use It! Once you achieve authentic beauty, you can use it to move beyond yourself and become a more worthy human being – to yourself and those around you.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. So why not break through surface beauty and work toward attaining authentic beauty?

It is a gift that you can give yourself – and the world.

  • Darnesha
    Posted at 16:38h, 01 January Reply

    I’ve been lucky that the boys run to daddy and want to spend every minute with him when he is home. My 18 month old just started to ask about him and I will definitely be using plaorhcldees from now on! Good idea!

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