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Boost Your Outer Beauty With Your Inner Beauty

You’ve probably heard the phrase that beauty isn’t just skin deep. That’s true, but let’s be real — looks matter too. And feeling good about the way you look helps your self-esteem. Yet outer beauty isn’t just about the potions and lotions you apply to your skin and the facial hair you maintain. That inner beauty you have actually affects the way you look on the outside. Here are a couple of examples:

Smile Like You Mean It

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and felt like you looked horrible? Try it again. Are you frowning? Try thinking about something that makes you truly happy until a smile naturally creeps onto your face. Now look into the mirror again. Do you see how when you smile like you mean it, it makes your whole face light up with beauty? You’re letting your inner beauty shine through, especially in your eyes.

Display Your Personality

When you’re passionate about something or find ways to make a situation funny or show your intelligence, it can show in your face. Now you’re more than just a doll — you’re showing the depth of your inner self, which can be incredibly beautiful. Just think — haven’t you found someone more attractive because of his humor, kindness or some other trait? It works the same way with you!

By spending time on your inner self, you can help make yourself more attractive on the outside. So don’t only focus on flaws you perceive on your face or ways to “improve” your looks with makeup. Think about the personality, moods and other aspects of yourself you’re contributing to the world. People could find you more attractive for what you have to offer and how it brightens up your outer beauty too.

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