The Beauty in Voting

Although 2016 marks one of the biggest presidential elections in history, many women and men alike are ambivalent. They don’t want to back Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton but they don’t want to pick Republican leader Donald Trump either. They may be considering an independent candidate or none at all. They may think that because they can’t find a candidate they like that they’re better off not voting.

However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Women haven’t always been able to have their voices heard in the form of a vote. That’s just one of the many reasons there’s beauty in voting.

The History of Women’s Voting

Before the 1840s, women weren’t allowed to vote, plain and simple. Even though women still have a long way to go to be accepted as equals to men in today’s society, back then, women were thought of as the lesser gender, meant to have babies and keep a clean house. They weren’t expected to work, so why would they be able to vote?
Pioneers like Alice Paul, Carrie Chapman Catt, Lucretia Mott, and other heroic women decided to change that by pushing for women’s suffrage. As you can imagine, this was not an overnight battle. In fact, it was one that raged on through the 1900s, finally ceasing in 1920 when women won their hard-earned right to vote.

What It Means Today

If these women hadn’t been so fearless, today we might not even get the chance to vote. Candidates like Clinton would never be able to run for president. Therefore, if you don’t agree with either candidate, maybe take a step back and do some homework. Research what each candidate stands for. Surely one of them champions causes you feel strongly about.
Don’t forget there are independent presidential nominees, too. It’s not a waste to vote for these candidates just because they’re not on the main Democratic versus Republication ticket. This November, be proud and let your voice be heard!

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