The Adventures of Dating in Your 20s

You’re a dating veteran, and probably lost count of how many times you’ve grabbed coffee or drinks with a potential suitor. Now, you’ve met someone who wants to take you out to a fancy restaurant or have you accompany him to a formal affair. If the last time you got really dressed up was for your senior prom, you have some catching up to do.

Rent a Wardrobe


You don’t have to spend a fortune to look terrific. Instead of purchasing high-end clothes and shoes with red soles, rent them instead. Still, renting isn’t cheap. Expect to shell out a few hundred dollars for clothes you have to return – much like Cinderella. It’s a good option when accompanying your date to a wedding or similar function and there’s time to choose just the right outfit.

Invest in the Classics


For generations, women have relied on the classic “little black dress,” and it hasn’t gone out of style. Every woman needs a little black dress and a pair of black heels on hand, because you never know when an emergency fancy date will occur. It’s a go-to outfit that can be dressed to any occasion by accessorizing with jewelry, scarves or jackets. The accessories can make a bold or subtle statement – it’s up to your mood and the venue.

Face, Hair and Nails


There’s no need for dramatic hair and nails. Hair shouldn’t become a distraction or an issue for you that night. Neutral nails are always best, but indulge in sparkle if you like. The standard rule for evening makeup is focusing on one aspect of your face – either striking, smoky eyes and neutral lips, or bold lips and less audacious eyes. Your best bet – go with whatever gives you confidence.

No matter the occasion or what you’re wearing, it’s most important to have fun and get to know your date better. After all, that’s really the whole purpose of dating. Otherwise, millennials could just stay home and watch TV, but never grow as people.

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