Surviving Autumn When You Love a Football Fanatic

Maybe hearing a grown man say “Wow,” every 20 seconds for an entire afternoon – interspersed with periodic shouting – is more than you can stand. Face it, that’s what happens every Sunday afternoon come autumn when you’re involved with a football fanatic. You aren’t interested in learning about “10 Ways to Look Cute in Maximum Security After You’ve Killed Your Football-loving Boyfriend,” so here are a few suggestions to turn this weekly ordeal into a more pleasant experience:

  • Make it a social event. Invite a bunch of friends —football lovers or not— to either a bar where you can drink and eat and hang out, or invite them over to your place. Either way, you’re taking focus away from football…you can just hang out with people and ignore the TV.
  • Encourage your boyfriend to go solo/hang out with his guy friends to watch football. That way, you’ve got guaranteed “me time” every Sunday.
  • Relationships depend on the art of compromise. Negotiate a deal with him. If you spend Sundays enduring football, perhaps he’ll accompany you on a regular basis to a chick-flick film, i.e., one that doesn’t feature explosions or gore every five minutes. If you’re really brave, see if he’ll accompany you to the ballet, opera or another venue where football fanatics are rarely seen. If he’s bored silly – and that may not happen – at least he’ll comprehend what you go through once a week in the fall and winter.

Unless he’s drinking excessively during the broadcast or gambling heavily on games, football passion is relatively harmless. The truth is, once a guy gets out of college, there’s no way to start playing football again unless you’re a pro. There are plenty of adult softball and basketball leagues, but football is a young guy’s sport. Let him enjoy his fun, and remember that spring is on the way …




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  • Amberly
    Posted at 21:34h, 01 January Reply

    That’s really thinking outside of the box. Thanks!

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