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Tiny Dogs, Great Accessories

MThere are plenty of must-have accessories each season. If your best friend forever has four legs and a tail, find some great accessories for her. You might find collars and leashes to match your own belts or scarves, or let your pup make her own fashion statement.

Collars, Harnesses and Leashes


Small dogs should always have the leash attached to the harness – not the collar – for safety reasons. A sharp tug on a collar could accidentally damage the neck. Does your dog love the classics? Choose a quality leather collar or harness for her. Does she enjoy nightlife? An ensemble with plenty of bling works. For the sophisticated canine, a faux leopard package does the trick.

Bows and Barrettes


For some tiny dogs, hair accessories are a necessity. If you don’t pull up the hair over her eyes, your Maltese’ vision is seriously impaired. Of course, for most dogs, barrettes and bows are simply another way to look gorgeous. They’re fun, inexpensive and come in every color imaginable. Just ensure they are secure enough that your dog can’t eat them.

Boots and Coats


In cold weather, you don’t want to freeze your pooch. A short-haired dog certainly needs proper outerwear when taking her constitutionals. Unless you’re outdoors for a while, sweaters fill the bill. For long walks, you can find doggy coats made of every material available for the human equivalent. Protect her paws in doggie boots, but make sure to purchase a quality brand designed to properly fit the canine foot.

Dress Up


Some dogs are just born to be adorned. Create a wardrobe for your tiny companion. Yes, you can wear matching outfits. Just make sure hues that look good on you complement your pet. It’s a matter of style.

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