New Year, New Me

A new year is on the horizon. Packed with 365 days of promise, the next 12 months are your time to shine – 2017 here you come! So what is going to make this year different from all the others? Are you planning to lose weight (isn’t everyone)? Take better care of yourself? Work out more? Try a new style? These are all great goals, but there’s something missing. It’s you – no, I mean the real you. Make this the year that you find your authentic self.

Do you rely on the right outfit, make-up, a good haircut, or even a trim waistline to make you feel good about yourself? You’re not alone. Most women have no idea how to find the kind of authentic beauty that goes beyond the way they look.


Will the Real You Please Step Forward


It is time for all women to look in the mirror and see their true authentic selves. There is more to each of us than a few wrinkles or chubby cheeks. But, how can we get to the point that we can truly feel that we are beautiful …how can we discover the part when we just can’t see it – yet?
The key to finding true beauty is appreciating all that we have been given and developing an understanding to express ourselves in body, mind and spirit. Until you can find peace and acceptance within yourself at the deepest level, you will never be able to truly embrace your beauty – both inside and out. But, when you can tap into the uniqueness that makes you, well, you, that beauty will make its way to the surface where it can be seen by all.
This may all sound a bit odd right now, but keep in mind that what society considers physically beautiful has changed dramatically over the years. In the 16th century, women had to have a robust waistline to be considered desirable; while today’s idea of a beautiful physique requires wearing a size O. This only proves that real beauty goes well beyond our physical attributes, and encompasses our inner self.

Make 2017 the year that you discover who you really are. Would the real you please stand up? The world can’t wait to meet you!



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