Meet Me Under the Mistletoe: The Art of Attracting the Right Attention

Now that it’s December, the holiday season is officially upon us, which means plenty of holiday parties and get-togethers. While you’re always likely to find tinsel and Christmas trees at these gatherings, there’s often another piece of greenery hanging up, too: mistletoe.

If you’re still single this holiday season, there’s no reason to dread mistletoe. Instead, it can be used as more of a meeting place. There’s a subtle art to flirting and finding the right kind of man rather than just any man. Keep these tips in mind before your next holiday event!


  1. Eye contact is key — You see an attractive man from across the room, and you’re eager to talk to him. However, you don’t want to look overeager and go over there yourself. What do you do? Hold eye contact for a few firm seconds at a time. He’ll likely notice your interest and come introduce himself.
  2. A smile works wonders — If he’s not getting the hint, try adding a coy, sexy smile to the mix. When you two speak, show those pearly whites often. A smile and natural, unforced laughter are contagious.
  3. Get close — As you get to know each other a bit, move in close to him. If you’re standing, maybe brush your arm against his arm. If you’re sitting down, huddle in. Don’t get nose-to-nose with him yet though!
  4. Bust out that hot dress — Whether it’s a company function or a friend’s house party, if you’ve been waiting to wear that sexy dress that’s been sitting in the back of your closet, do it tonight. If you dress well, you feel better about yourself, which makes you instantly more appealing to men.
  5. Don’t overstay your welcome — If you find an attractive guy and you two are hitting it off, it can be tempting to stay and talk all night. Don’t. Leave him wanting more. Make sure you have his digits (and vice-versa), then excuse yourself to go mingle with others. You’ll be on his mind the whole rest of the night.


With these tips, you just may have a few fantastic dates with handsome fellows lined up through the new year!


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