A Man’s Perspective on a Woman Who Makes the First Move

In this age of heated debate over identity politics, the idea of what men want and expect from women has become controversial. That’s unfortunate, because it’s impossible for men to speak honestly about what they like without invoking the shrieks of a million banshees on Twitter. To keep the preface short, let’s just say; Brace Yourselves.


As with any sort of human, what men expect falls along a spectrum. However, male humans being what they are, action oriented, merit seeking, get it done kinds of mentalities- tend to want to do most of the pursuing- at least on the surface.
Men want to feel manly- that is to say they want to feel competent as they attempt pursue a woman’s attentions. We are describing a specific kind sexual orientation- and every sexual orientation has its compliment. In this case, that compliment is a woman who wants to be the object of attention. She wants to feel attractive, beautiful, desirable- and a fair way to measure this is by the efforts a man will go to in order to win her over.
There is an overarching theme of challenge and reward. The man finds his value in being active and assertive, while the woman finds hers in her ability to inspire the him to pursue her, to woo her, to make overtures, to be manly.


To answer our burning question; what does a man think of a woman who makes the first move- we love it, but not all the time. To be perfectly honest, in healthy people- a woman has to signal interest- otherwise we’re moving into the territory of harassment. But giving clear signals, is- in point of fact- a kind of first move. It can be subtle, or overt. She can do anything she likes, in fact- as long as she doesn’t come across as being easy. Because there’s nothing exciting about a woman who is easy.



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