How to Manage Office Drama Without Catching a Case

We are surrounded by many different personalities. Not everyone is going to be as nice and bubbly as you are. You know how you are before you have your morning cup of coffee? Well, some people are like that all day.

I personally would consider myself to be a happy person. A smiley one because frowning gives you wrinkles. We don’t want that at all but some people will try to put you in a mood. Here are a few things to remember when dealing with office drama or school drama without catching a case or loosing your shine.

  Speak up

Communication is key. Sometimes people don’t even know they’re being a negative Nancy. So instead of holding it in and causing it to put a damper on your day, speak up and watch it all go away.

  Use a mediator

We shouldn’t be intimidated by our colleagues but if for some reason you can’t get your point across have someone sit in and help you. This could be your supervisor, professor, or just a mutual friend.

  Olive branch

 Try to be the bigger person and extend an olive branch. You never know what someone is going through. Share a snack with them or invite them to lunch. You might realize they aren’t so bad after all .

There are times when things may get out of hand between two or more colleagues, but knowing how to handle yourself can help maintain the culture, diffuse negative morale, and increase productivity.

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