Falling for Autumn

So the leaves are finally turning. The fall weather is bringing crisp breezes, cozy sweaters and the pumpkin spice lattes that, let’s be honest, we look forward to all through the spring and summer months. Naturally you’re also looking forward to the aesthetic updates fall also brings. If you’re looking to integrate fall colors into your look seamlessly, we’ll talk about four great ways to do it here.

1. Makeup

The first and most obvious step to take if you want to look a bit more fallish is to update your cosmetic colors. Try a deeper blush color in the salmon range, and lipsticks that tend more toward mauve then pink. Apple red is also a good choice for your pucker, while gold and faded greens should adorn your lids.

2. Wardrobe

This is perhaps the most obvious move: Autumn calls for thick sweaters, tall boots, comfy scarves and camp socks. When you want to add a little jauntiness to your outfit, try a lopsided beret or some fingerless gloves.

3. Hairstyles

What? Seasonal hairstyles? Oh my, yes. Try a high messy bun (the perfect bridal roll is better suited to spring and summer), a loose fishtail braid or loose curls … it’s time to leave the beachy waves behind for now. Incorporate a jeweled berette for maximum autumn flair.

4. Jewelry

While silver rules in spring and summer, fall calls for warmer tones. Where possible, opt for gold and copper accents, and feel free to up the visual impact of your jewelry as well. Chunkier rings, longer necklaces and heavy bangles all fit that fall look perfectly.

Yep, it really is as simple as that! Take the steps to start switching your look to an autumnal one, and soon you’ll be one with the season without even realizing it.

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