Does Your BFF Date the Wrong Guy? How to Deal

Your life is dramatic enough as it is — the last thing you want is to constantly hear your best bud whining about her love life. Unfortunately, when all you want is to relax, she is determined to defend her no-good boyfriend. You want the best for her, but you also don’t want to destroy your friendship. Keep reading to learn how to handle this delicate situation.

Don’t Trash Significant Others in Public

If you’re going to speak ill of your friend’s beau, do it in private, when the two of you are alone. Don’t throw shade on Snapchat or at a big party — you’ll only embarrass and anger your bestie. Find a time when the two of you are alone — and on good terms — to bring up your concerns.

Be Gentle

It’s heartbreaking to see your girlfriend with the wrong man, but it’s even worse to destroy a friendship. Remember: sisters before misters. The guy might not stick around, but you should be there through thick and thin. Tell it like it is, but don’t be too mean. If you dated a total dud, you’d want your friends to be honest, but nice.

Remind Her That She Deserves The Best

Your friend doesn’t deserve to be treated like crap by a guy who just doesn’t care. She just might need a gentle reminder from somebody she trusts. Let your BFF know that you’re not voicing your concerns because you’re jealous or because you want to start drama — you’re doing it because you care about her and want to see her happy.
Your gal pal’s relationship doesn’t have to be a complete downer for your friendship. Just be honest and let her know what’s on your mind. If she’s a good friend, she’ll respect your opinion and thank you for your honesty.



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