Does Red Lipstick REALLY Look Good on Everyone?

True or false: Red lipstick looks great on everyone and upgrades your look to super sexy? True BUT only if you know how to pick the right shade of red for you and work it with confidence.

How to Pick the Right Red Lipstick 

No matter your eye color, hair color, or skin color, there is a red hue that looks amazing on you. It’s up to you to find it. If the veins on your wrist look blue, you have a yellow undertone. If the veins appear green, you have a pink undertone. Can’t decide whether they’re blue or green? You’ve got a neutral undertone and can rock most reds (lucky!).

If you have a pink undertone, go for a purply red. If your undertone is yellow, fiery reds are your friend.

If you try a color and think it isn’t quite right, layer some lip gloss on top. A gold gloss will make the red appear softer, while a pink gloss will make it look bluer. Rich reds are great for night looks, and softer reds look more natural in the day.

These little tricks will help you pick a red that looks good against your skin tone. But what REALLY makes red lipstick shine is confidence. When you love the color and feel good wearing it, you can successfully pull off any red hue.

Remember, part of knowing the rules is breaking them when you feel like it. More than anything, makeup should be fun and make you feel good. So get out there, try a few shades, and play around with color! Finding one or more shades of red lipstick that you really love opens up your options for a date night out or brunch with the friends.

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