Classy Halloween Costumes: How To Dress Up Without Showing Skin

Halloween was once regarded as a children’s holiday, with few adults partaking in any festivities beyond handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. In the last few decades, however, adults have increasingly demanded celebrations of their own, complete with ornate costumes. This began with nostalgic outfits reflecting childhood costume trends, but quickly transformed into a plethora of sexy ensembles, each more shocking than the last.

Why Ditch the Sexy Costumes?

Nobody bats an eye at sexy Halloween costumes anymore — to the point that these scandalous ensembles fail to elicit any response at all. The amount of skin on display no longer determines whether a given costume will attract attention. Those reluctant to join the sexy costume trend can make a bolder statement by rejecting scandalous attire and instead wearing something humorous, frightening, or beautiful.
The best and most memorable Halloween costumes are often the most elegant. Women in classy outfits draw attention not to their bodies, but rather, their ingenuity and natural beauty. As a result, they feel empowered rather than self-conscious.

Ideas for Classy Halloween Costumes

Unfortunately, when nearly every Halloween costume sold in stores emphasizes sexy over classy, finding the right look can be a real struggle. Short on ideas? The following are a few excellent costumes for sophisticated women:
Lady Edith Crawley or Cora Crawley from Downton Abbey
Jackie Kennedy Onassis
Hillary Clinton
Scully from X-Files
Audrey Hepburn
Lucille Balle
Subject of Girl with a Pearl Earring painting
Catelyn Stark or Cersei Baratheon from Game of Thrones
Putting together a classy look may take some work, including several hours of browsing Etsy and shopping at vintage boutiques. But many will argue that the end result is well worth the effort. Your costume will receive numerous compliments, and you will end the evening feeling great about your appearance and your ingenuity.



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