Can You Really Fake It Until You Make It in the Fashion World?

People always ask whether we should fake it until we make it and whether it really works in the fashion industry. Well, according to experts and years of scientific research, the simple answer is “Yes”!

If you’re thinking about starting a career in fashion (whether it’s working for a magazine, as a buyer or merchandiser in a retail store, or in marketing), then you should consider the following ways to fake it until you make it.


1). Surround yourself with people who are smarter and more successful than you are.

When you are surrounded by others who are more knowledgeable and successful, you’ll always strive to be better and achieve higher goals. Successful people inspire you to do more and reach higher.

2). Do what you love and you’re passionate about and you’ll see your self-confidence soar.

When you concentrate on your successes and let go of failures, you’ll feel more competent and secure in your abilities, which in turn, can increase your self-confidence.

3). Eat well and work out regularly so you always feel your best physically and mentally.

When you’re feeling run down without energy, it’s difficult to project an image of confidence, so make sure to eat a balanced diet, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day – five days per week, and get a good night of rest.

4). Always keep your cool in high-pressure situations.

This will help you stay in control in of your emotions during intense or highly stressful situations at work. This will also show your boss that you can handle yourself well as well as more responsibility.

5). Have good posture, a firm handshake, and always make eye contact.

Stand upright and push your shoulders back to project confidence. Be sure to speak clearly and enunciate your words, too. There’s nothing worse than trying to understand someone who mumbles or speaks too quickly.

6). Make sure your hair, nails, and makeup are properly groomed.

If you’re going to work for a magazine, a retail store, or a PR firm, make sure your nails are manicured, your hair is styled properly, and your makeup look matches your outfit.

7. Always dress the part.

We all know that shopping at expensive stores isn’t a possibility when starting an entry-level job, so look for sales.





No sales coming up? Try visiting an outlet store or shopping online.
I remember when my friend who worked in HR for DKNY said she would not hire anyone who wore a suit to an interview. She would only hire someone who looked like she fit into the company’s image, so it’s important to know the company’s dress code, brand image, and overall appearance expectations.
Have you ever faked it until you made it? We’d love to hear your comments below.



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