Cramming for Exams

Can You Ace Your Finals and Still Have a Social Life – Is It Possible?

College life is a delicate balance between academics and having fun. If you’re not careful, it’s easy for the balance to tip toward the latter rather than the former. The actual purpose of college remains getting an education and eventually achieving a degree in your chosen field. Of course you know that, but there are so many distractions …all of which are more fun than studying for finals.


The D Word


Good grades and good times are not incompatible.

Discipline is the key. You can study during the day on Saturday, and still go out for a couple of hours at night. Just take it easy on the drinks so that you can wake up at a reasonable time and study on Sunday, too.

Fear of Missing Out

There’s also the idea of FOMO (fear of missing out), and that any social event or night out has the potential to be the BEST TIME EVER…so maybe, just accept the fact that missing one or two get-togethers is not the end of the world. In reality, failing your finals could be the end of world – at least as far as the school and your parents are concerned.


Study While Socializing


Reward Yourself

Remember, everyone has finals at the same time, so you’re all in the same boat. Go study with friends. Meet at the library or host a study night at home and have people over for snacks and reading – no alcohol. And when you all can’t bear it anymore, go out together, grab something to eat and have a group bitch sesh about how awful finals are and discuss plans for next semester or the summer.




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