Beauty Creates Conversation About Breast Cancer

Some topics are difficult to bring up or talk about with those close to you and people in general. Health topics are included in that category since they affect people’s personal lives and bodies. Breast Cancer Awareness Month gives a perfect opportunity to talk to other women in your life about breast cancer to create awareness, inspiration, empowerment and discussion. But how do you bring up a personal, possibly painful topic such as breast cancer? Beauty can help.

How Can the Beauty Industry Help?

Since the beauty industry is so focused on women, it’s an ideal place to start for a mostly female topic such as breast cancer. Many beauty brands get involved during this month of awareness, and you’ll see marketing, education, events and products focused on breast cancer. For instance, think of all the products that go pink or show a pink ribbon for this month. By focusing on this important and serious topic, the beauty industry brings it into your homes and workplaces, making it easier to discuss.

How to Use Beauty to Start Discussions

When you want to bring up the topic of breast cancer with your daughter, mother and other women in your life, you could share a beauty ad that’s focused on breast cancer and start the conversation by saying something like, “Hey, did you see this ad [company] created about breast cancer?” You could also purchase breast cancer-themed beauty products and give them to the women in your life as a way to say you care about their health and want to discuss this important topic with them. You could encourage women you know to share products and information with other women to make the movement grow, pass out products at relevant events and have a makeover party where you bring up breast cancer.
If you’re finding it difficult to discuss breast cancer with the other women in your life, lean on beauty to help you. You could take advantage of the awareness beauty brands help create throughout October. And bringing women together through beauty or giving out breast cancer-themed beauty products creates an easy opening to discuss this important topic with other women.




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