The Bags Under My Eyes Are Couture: How to Deal With Stress

S ome people flaunt under eye bags and circles as a natural, authentic look. In Vogue, Creative Director of Perrin Paris, Chloe Perrin, said, “I’ve always thought dark circles look quite romantic… They make a fresh face look interesting.”

The idea is to embrace yourself and enhance your natural look instead of trying to cover yourself up. What’s not to love about that? Yet while it’s great to accept and flaunt your natural look, it’s also important to focus on health. Stress is one of the factors that can contribute to under eye bags and affect your overall beauty. To prevent and counteract under eye issues caused by stress, take some steps to deal with that stress.

1. Exercise

Physical activity helps calm your stress hormones and boost your happy hormones to give you better balance.

2. Calming Activities

Try engaging in activities that calm you down, whether it’s yoga, meditation, laughter, relaxing baths or other activities.

3. Changing Perspective

Shifting the way you think about life can help with stress. For instance, you might be able to let go of petty things that you’re letting bother you more than they need to.

4. Asking for Help

Sometimes, there is too much to handle in life. It helps to not take it all on by yourself, but to share your trouble with others and ask for help.

5. Making Lifestyle Changes

You’ll reduce stress if you make positive changes like getting more sleep, eating healthier and generally trying to take better care of yourself.

By taking these steps, you can work to reduce stress and under eye problems. And when you still have some subtle bags and circles on your face, be yourself and embrace your under eye couture!

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